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Inter-Motion ECM 1-24 Crankshaft Mill

The Inter-Motion ECM1-24 is an external crankshaft mill that uses pin-chasing technology rather than offset lathe turning. It offers faster cycle times per part, and eliminates the need for mechanical changeover for stroke variations.

Maintenance time is reduced with much longer tool life and coolant-free operation.

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ECM1-24 capabilities:

  • Crank pin journal milling
  • Orbital cam lobe milling
  • Concentric main journal milling

It is compatible with various controllers, and features onboard tool-wear and load monitoring telemetry.

Operators will enjoy the user-friendly loader system with custom locating devices and fast part changeover. The base was designed for chip flow and ease of cleaning, along with a safe, enclosed guarding system.

Superior tolerance, faster cycle times, and decreased maintenance time makes the Inter-Motion ECM1-24 a wise choice for any facility. Contact us for more information on this all-new machine!